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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I bring family pictures?”
Yes, residents are permitted to bring with them photos of their loved ones.

“When can I make a personal telephone call?”
Residents are permitted to make telephone calls two weeks after they’ve been in the treatment program.  Telephone calls are limited to two calls per client, ten minutes each, and are to be made either a collect call or with a calling card.

“May I have visitors?”
Residents may have visitors two weeks after they have entered the treatment program.

“May I have family attend “The New Beginnings” ceremony?”
This ceremony is in celebration of one’s accomplishments and completing the treatment program. Residents are encouraged to invite loved ones to the celebration when possible. Visitors will be received at 1:15 p.m on the scheduled day of celebration.

“What about mail?”
Residents can receive and send mail while they are within the treatment program. It is the residents’ responsibility to provide their own stamps and envelops. Please note, administration mail days are every  Tuesday and Thursday.

“Can I bring my daily vitamins?”
Only those residents who are prescribed daily vitamins for treatment of a medical condition are permitted to bring in vitamin supplements. Please note, all prescribed vitamin supplements must have a current prescription label on it and documented on the Medical Release Information.

“May I bring in my own personal craft supplies, sketch pads or music instruments?”
Yes, residents may bring with them craft supplies, sketch pads, and musical instruments. Please note, clients may only use these items during times allotted for self care.

“Can I bring my cell phone?”
Cell phones are permitted however they can only be used during day passes and scheduled outings and used off of the treatment centre property. Please note, the treatment centre will not replace any cell phone which may be lost, stolen, or damage.