Individual Responsibilities

Personal Necessities

  • Personal hygiene products –body wash, toothpaste/tooth brush, shampoo/conditioner, hairbrush/comb, underarm deodorant, shaving gear, feminine hygiene products
  • Suitable, seasonal and appropriate clothing, appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor activities – NO revealing clothing or clothing with inappropriate graphics
  • For the Sweat 
    • Female – bring a skirt or shorts and T-Shirt
    • Male – Shorts and T-Shirt
  • Towel and facecloth
  • Eye glasses and dentures if required
  • Postage stamps and envelopes for personal mail
  • Money (150.00 to 200.00) or bank debt card for personal expenses and purchase enough cigarettes to last for the duration of the treatment program
  • If prescribed medication, ensure you have enough of the prescription/refills to last while in the treatment program
  • Ensure all medical and dental health has been addressed prior to treatment attendance
  • Ensure a valid Health Card and Status Card is in your possession for any possible medical needs

Financial and Legal Responsibilities

  • Ensure all bills are paid prior to treatment program entry or arrange to have someone pay them for you
  • Make arrangements with employer, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program and Employment Insurance Benefits
  • Ensure rent is paid and have an individual do a home inspection for you while you are away
  • Inform Probation Officer your attendance at a treatment program
  • Ensure court dates have been rescheduled for any outstanding charge or have legal representation


  • Ensure children, elder or any other dependent is cared for by a trusted and responsible family member or close friend
  • Ensure any family services involved with your family are aware of your attendance at the treatment facility
  • Ensure pets will be cared for by a trusting and responsible individual

What NOT To Bring

  • Over-the-counter medication
  • Any traditional ceremony items or sacred medicines
  • Personal reading material
  • Ipads, tablets or laptops
  • Personal vehicles
  • Any item that would be considered dangerous or considered a weapon

PLEASE NOTE: Personal possessions of value should be left at home. Benbowopka Treatment Centre will not be responsible nor replace any valuables, which may have been misplaced, lost or stolen. In addition, Benbowopka does not provide spending money, cigarettes, postage stamps or envelopes.